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A new dawn begins..

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1 0 0 1. Why 1001?

click on the magic number and I'll see you there!
# by joeude | 2008-12-11 22:07

3 paragraph

A good blog entry is basically...to write everything in 3 paragraphs. . Why? Because it's short,simple, concise, get to your point as well as easy on eyes..So yep, I'm gonna summarize my 2 weeks in 3.

This 2 weeks...hasn't been all good and sundry for me. Exams (and doing badly), study...and generally been luckless in practically most of the things I've done/experience etc. More details on that....next time.

Basically, I'm gonna end all this bad luck here. With a WISH. In my soon to be vacated blog. This is so gonna work ! ok, WISH that I can get through Monday physiology. And then, May a good fun and lucky week starts after that, 530PM. Final word? Bring it on!

"You make your own luck, especially great men."
# by joeude | 2008-11-09 02:22

Merry Back Round I

2005年 03月
nineteen hundred [2005-03-25 17:56 by joeude]
Life is like a dream [2005-03-21 15:19 by joeude]
童话?! [2005-03-20 10:28 by joeude]
バカのme の初めて maybe [2005-03-20 06:31 by joeude]
Blogger SPECIAL opening Thanks(updated V) [2005-03-02 23:02]

March 2005 is the grand opening of bakajon.exblog. The events leading up to its opening was something quite interesting itself. Good ol times, where bunking over at your best mate's place are THE thing, the thing that you miss most now. Story was Ks and I NON-sleep over at dx's place. Staying up doing alot of things that you wouldn't imagine yourself doing it now. IQ test anyone??

Of cause, blogging was the IT thing at that time. People around me were blogging left, centre and right and the attitude i took was ''hptthh, Lame'' but somehow ks and dx, managed to convince me to open this blogsite...and i guess i never looked back from there on.

This was the month I tried to learn playing piano. But I refused to do it the hard way and took the easy way out instead...just by memorising the key sequence. As any piano player would tell you...it would be a doom outcome, and so it proved. Now......I can't even play one line of the song 童话 . Let alone the whole chorus.

During that month, i watched a very good movie call..1900. A story about...you guess what...a piano player who was born on a ship and died on it. Never ever step a foot on the earth. He nearly did b/c of a girl, but...things aren't that easy.

EVENTS THAT MATTERED : F.Alonso was dominating the f-1 world in his renault powered engine.
# by joeude | 2008-11-03 16:40

Good bye Good night

hello hello,

Quite sadly...I'm changing from this blog server, exblog which has serve me so well in terms of its skin themes(i love changing them...) to wordpress.

The only reason being this :

29.95MB / 30MB

yep, they only gives you 30MB of photo space...which is frankly not enough for someone like me,like dx who loves putting up photos to share with you guys.

Although the end is nigh, however I still have 2 more posts to write here before i officially leave exblog.jp. One is the announcement of the new blog(it's up and runnig, but I want to modify a bit here and there), another one would be the summary of my time here , from march 23 2005 to August 2008. That's almost 3 and a half years, and i think bakajon deserves a summary, an ending to my long association to it...after all, it has been revolving around me for so long. And shucks, i have some feelings for it (i know it's hard to believe)

( the first of the 3part last posts for bakajon.exblog.jp )
# by joeude | 2008-09-28 19:20

What binds Us

A month ago, we(the usual suspects) participated in a production by CMG (Chinese Music Group aka Chinese Malaysian Group) "What Binds Us"

something similiar to broadway, there's live ochestra, live singing+acting, nice sets behind etc etc.

Some of the singing was very good, the ochestra was (I'm not an expert on these things) good?, the songs are nice ! Quick slow quick slow, the tempo was all very well composed and controlled (the composer is super talented). The magic is when the first time u hear the song you go "err." But as you hear more of it, it gets better, till the point where u wanna learn the lyrics...

The 2 highlights for me was the 4 people singing against each other, that was a bomb. And owen singing 'separate'.

Finally, I think happy snaps are essentially better than the thousand words essay i'm gonna write...

The backstage crew, with the swing.

Have a break , Have some beer (fake heinekken !)

one of the many suppers we had, this one was celebrating antony's birthday.
# by joeude | 2008-09-21 12:41

Momu Merdeka Dinner

other than writing we attended the Merdeka dinner organised by the Malaysian of Melbourne Uni(momu), there's nth much to add onto

oh,except.... i'm freaking jealous at the malay guy who won the bloody Wii !! (shucks i shouldn't swear)


# by joeude | 2008-09-09 21:54

that is what i call miracle!!

Newspaper's Story Of The Day

'A 20-stone mugging victim's life was saved in Germany when a bullet fired at him was trapped in his fat. Rolf Mittelhaus, 49, didn't even notice he'd been shot until he was examined after reporting the attack to police two days later. "A mugger attacked me and I heard a loud bang but I'd been drinking and didn't really know what was going on. I didn't feel any pain," he told police in Dortmund. Medics found the bullet stuck in rolls of fat when it fell out during a routine examination for injuries. "It had barely pierced the skin and was smothered by all the flesh around it," said a police spokesman' - Ananova.

"You can make all the snide jokes about fat people, but they are laughing back at you now...for they have superman's bullet proof body!"
# by joeude | 2008-09-09 21:47

Cool shot.

To be honest. I always thought smiling when taking a picture is the most polite way, and it looks nice, as you don't look moody.

But, dx always don't smile for his pictures. From what i understand, that means cool shot/cool take. Give it to that guy though, sometimes he does pull em off. Other times he just looks dumb :p

Then i saw Sean(cmg pm) in the booklet, he didn't smile and his face stoned, just like that. I went WOW. Then pooboon, in the booklet, did the same thing, and took it to the next level, all the things up there+look away from the camera. WOW.

Thus in the next photo i took...

# by joeude | 2008-09-01 16:53

The Beauty Entrapment.

Chinese Theatre Group
The Beauty Entrapment
28,29,30 August 3,4,5 Sept

after a week of being a backstage crew for CMG (Chinese Music Group) production "What Binds Us" (which was quite cool), it's time for PM me to do publicity work for Ctg again !
Chalking, where dreams start.
you hold the chalk, you start from scratch, what you wanna be on the floor, will be on the floor...
including merry-go-round

Did 4, 1 was so bad i'd hoped for a rain to wash it away, and one week on, as Melbourne didn't rain much, hence THAT was still there. Much to dx and my disgust.

Thursday 28 - The first show.

Friday 29.

My gran gran dad was right. Never ever take your assignment to the last 10 minutes.

I arrived at the computer lab at 4:50. Phew! All is well, 10 minutes to spare before the deadline. Plenty of time to log onto blackboard to attach the file and click away your essay.

"Blackboard is temporarily out of service. Sorry for the inconvenience. "


Resort to those send an email to lecturer attaching your essay giving lame-looking excuses students.

Tired..from doing the essay, and sending that email contrasted it even more.

After sending that email, the only thing i wanted to spend time on after helping FOH out was TS.

Hence the decision to not go CMG's PPP(post production party), and only attend its Pre-PPP.

Guess if blackboard didn't go down, I would have ended my night very very differently. Be it going PPP, or staying up with hyperactivity girl.

In the end, just slumped to the bed dead at a time of 11:50 ish, where the night is still very young.

# by joeude | 2008-09-01 16:23


The following change of skin again is to verify(i like this word) that

I'm NOT dead!

I'm just BUSY!

see you guys soon! TA
# by joeude | 2008-08-31 15:38